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About me

A passion for translating and interpreting

I was born and raised in Italy, but have been living in Germany for over 10 years. I am as familiar with the English and German language and culture, as I am with the language and culture of my country of origin.

My personal and professional motivation stems from a desire to build bridges between countries, cultures and individuals, and to overcome linguistic and intercultural barriers. My prime incentive in my job is the passion and enthusiasm that I feel when translating a language and culture in the most authentic manner possible, in both written and spoken form.

My strengths: living and working in multiple countries

I have had an excellent academic education as a translator and interpreter. During my studies in translation and interpreting in Rome (Italy) and conference interpreting in Heidelberg (Germany), I worked as a freelance translator and liaison interpreter at several trade fairs in Italy, Germany and Switzerland.

I lived and worked for extensive periods in London, and spent some time in Ireland. This allowed me to further improve my language and translation skills from English into Italian.

My international experience has contributed to making me an expert in Italian, German and English language and culture. This valuable knowledge constitutes the backbone of my work as a successful translator and interpreter, and I would be happy to put my knowledge at your service.

Sworn translator and interpreter for Italian

  • Sworn document translator publicly appointed by the Landgericht (District Court in Stuttgart, Germany) for the language pair German-Italian and Italian-German. Recognised by the Italian Consulate General in Stuttgart.
  • For the same language pairs, I also act as a sworn interpreter.

A key component of my professional activity: continuing professional development

  • Translation of judgements in civil and criminal proceedings in Germany
  • Workshop on German-Italian contract law with focus on purchase agreements and real estate contracts
  • Websites optimization: beyond SEO and keywords
  • Content marketing
  • Business Administration intensive course, Academy of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria

More information about me? You can download my profile in pdf format here.